Saturday, September 23, 2017

DCC Shiz: Opisthok, the Fungal Lord: Redux

Looking back on my blog's stats. I found that the old post I did of Opisthok, the Fungal Lord was one of my highest viewed posts. The crappy part is it was unfinished! Well, I took the time on my day's off to finish him. I decided to make him a "normal, magical" patron as opposed to a psionic one. The content below came easier to me, and I think it would fit into the games I run more easily.

Here he is in all his glory...Complete with Invoke Patron results, a spell burn and corruption tables, and 3 new spells specific to his patronage. Enjoy! 

Opisthok, the Fungal Lord

Prince ruler of the Myconids, Shroomen, Sporekin, and to those that would devote themselves to his teachings. A half Myconid, half human born from the a long deceased Mushroom Chieftain and a powerful witch.
More Shrooman than human,.his body is covered in a mix of human, reptilian, feline, and insectoid eyes.
Though his influence is not widely spread throughout the mortal realm, Opisthok has traveled the cosmos, made contact with many beings, visited distant planets, seen the rise and fall of alien societies, and the devastation of entire civilizations.
His followers travel the world seeking to unlock the sleeping powers of their dormant minds.
As their power grows, so does Opisthok's.

Invoke Patron Check Results:

A sac of Cosmic Dust appears before the caster. This dust can be blown into the face of an enemy within 30’ causing 2d6 damage as it burns their lungs.
Opisthok reaches through the cosmos, and touches the caster’s forehead. This gentle touch clears the caster’s mind providing a +4 on their next roll.
Opisthok sends a Mushroom sized roughly like the character. This Mushroom will stand in for the next attack against them, negating any damage or effect received.
The caster (and up to 6 allies) are transported to a deep cave in which they’re greeted by a welcoming Shrooman family. They’re served a bowl of warm fungal soup (which heals 3 HD of HP) before being returned.
Opisthok sends a detachment of 1d6 Tiny Shrooman to server the caster. They last for 1 day.
Opisthok grants the caster 10 points of blood fuel, which may be burned (per spell burning) to aid in their spells.
Opisthok encases a single target within sight of the caster in a thick Mushroom stalk. While encased, the target suffers -6 to it’s AC, and cannot move. A DC 20 Strength check is required to break free, otherwise the stalk wilts away in 4 rounds.
Opisthok himself appears briefly before the caster. He produces a small ball of light, which hovers in front of the caster. The ball of light if planted, and cared for will grow into a fully formed Mushroom Guardian (see Opisthok’s Fungal Army below for stats) over the course of 1 month. The Mushroom Guardian views the caster as its caregiver, and will defend them as such. It’s fiercely loyal, and overly affectionate.
Should it die, Opisthok himself weeps, causing a patron taint to develop in the caster.

Patron Taint: Opisthok
When patron taint is indicated for Opisthok roll 1d5 on the table below. If all levels of the taint are achieved the character is known as an Aspect of Opisthok. Aspects gain +4 on all personality based reaction rolls when dealing with any Sporekin. Opisthok also teaches the character 3 new spells (rolled randomly).
These taints slowly turn the the character into a “Monster". They should be treated as such by society. People can be judgmental, and harsh. Shop/Inn keepers should jack up the prices, or refuse service all together. Guardsman should refuse entry into the settlement, molest or even attack the character
Even if the character assists the town in someway, the should be treated with a severe level of prejudice.

The character's skin becomes incredibly itchy. Itchy to the point where they can't stop scratching!
If this result is rolled a second time,  a layer of spores sprout on the character's skin. They constantly fly off as the character scratches falling into whatever food or drink they may be consuming, making social interactions awkward (to say the least!).
If this result is rolled a third time, the layer of spores thickens. Once per day the character can spend a full round scratching their skin, spreading a thick cloud of spores in the air. This cloud fills a 10x10 space. All within this cloud (except this character) take -2 to all rolls as spores fill their lungs, ears, eyes, and other orifices.
If this result is rolled a fourth time, as above, but the spores have grown toxic to all but the character, and other Shrooman. The cloud now fills a 20x20 space, and all within must make a DC14 Fortitude save or be poisoned! Poisoned creatures temporarily lose 1d4 agility, and take 1d4 points of damage. A new save is required each round the creature remains within the cloud.
The character smells heavily of mushrooms. Chefs, Halflings, and anything with a strong appetite will insist the character is concealing mushrooms on their person.
If this result is rolled a second time, the scent grows stronger. All creatures within 20' of the character must make a DC12 will save or be overcome with the urge to find the mushrooms, and eat them. Once they determine the character has no mushrooms the effect wears off, and they become disappointed, agitated, and possibly even hostile.
If this result is rolled a third time, the scent now leaves a visible trail. Any creature that can see the character must make a DC15 will save. Failure means they see the character as a giant, irresistible, perfectly cooked mushroom that they must consume. If more than one creature are overcome by this effect, they will fight to the death in order to eat the mushroom. A successful save means they think character smells kinda funny.
The character's skin turns gray and thickens, making movement a little harder. Character permanently loses 1 point of agility.
If this result is rolled a second time, in addition to further thickening (and an additional -1 agility), the character's skin becomes slightly rubbery. The skin turns away a number of points of bludgeoning (clubs, maces, punches, etc) damage equal to their stamina modifier (minimum 1)
If this result is rolled a third time, the character's skin grows even more dense and heavy, reducing the speed by 10'. The flesh is so thick it acts as a natural armor, increasing the character's AC by 3.
The character's head doubles in size, and their hair falls out.
If this result is rolled a second time, the character's skull begins to painfully grow to resemble a mushroom cap. The transformation takes 1d6 days. During this time, the character suffers from intense migraines. As a result, they are in a rather unpleasant mood. In addition if they fail a spell check they can no longer cast spells for the remainder of the day.
Roll 1d4.

The character grows an extra eye in the middle of their forehead. It functions as a normal eye.
The character grows 1d100 tiny eyes over their entire body (yes, even those parts!)
The character grows an eye in the palm of their hand. The character can no longer hold item comfortably in this hand, otherwise it functions as a normal eye.
A large eye grows from the back of the character's head. If the character isn't wearing a helm or their hair isn't in the way they can use the eye to see behind them.
Determine the type of eye by rolling a d4. 1) An eye matching their own. 2) A thickly ridged, scaled eye of an iguana. 3) The eye of a mighty lion. 4) The unblinking, giant compound eye of a monstrous mantis.

If this result is rolled a second time, the eye(s) mutate, gaining supernatural powers. Roll 1d3 to determine the power gained

The extra eye(s) gain infravision 60'. If the character already has infravision, their range doubles.
3/day the character can use their extra eye(s) to see through an object (wall, barrier, person, etc). The character can only see as far as their vision would allow. This effect lasts a number of turns equal to their level.
The character can fire a beam of energy that deals 1d10 damage to a single target within 60'. They can do this a number of times per day equal to their level.

Patron Spells:  Opisthok
Opisthok grants three unique spells, as follows: Cosmic Spores, Mushroom of the Deep, Fungal Warrior

Level 1:
Cosmic Spores - spores surround the target having a variety of effects.
Level 2:
Mushroom of the Deep - A rare Mushroom of the Deep is given to the caster. It’s benefits vary.
Level 3:
Fungal Warrior - Summons members of Opisthok’s Fungal Army to aid the caster.

Spellburn: Opisthok
Opisthok understands, and respects that some magic is aided by the power of suffering. When a caster utilizes spellburn, roll 1d3 on the table below.

Small mushrooms sprout on the caster’s skin. They’re removed by the spell burn (causing the ability damage) by pulling them off, one at a time. Very painful.
Opisthok introduces microscopic cosmic creatures into the caster’s blood. They painfully dig their way out of their new host (resulting in the ability damage).
Opisthok separates the caster’s mind from their body after the initial points are burned. While in this state, the caster can burn an additional 10 points (with no toll on their physical form). At the end of their spell, the caster is returned to their body. They need to make a Will save (DC equal to the total amount of points burned, including the ones given by Opisthok) or suffer the free points as actual ability burn, spread as the caster sees fit.

Cosmic Spores
Level 1 (Opisthok)
Range: Varies
Duration: Varies
Casting time: 1 round
Save: Will
The target is surrounded with space stuff which has a variety of effects.
Roll 1d4: 1) A portal opens in the heavens. Opisthok is seen sprinkling Cosmic Spores on the target. 2) Cosmic Spores flow from the caster’s fingers. 3) Cosmic spores fall from the targets skin. 4) The very earth around the target seems to shift, and turn into the Spores which from the spell
Lost, failure, and patron taint
Lost. Failure.
The caster selects a single target up to 30ft away. That target is encased in Cosmic Spores, reducing their movement by half, and causing a -2 on all rolls.
The Cosmic Spores surround the caster. All ranged attacks against the caster have a 50% to miss.
The Cosmic Spores fill the lungs of a single target within 30ft. The target makes a save, or spends the next 1d3 rounds coughing up the cosmic funk.
The Cosmic Spores form a set of wings on the Caster’s back, allowing them to fly (60’/round) for 1d4+caster level round. If the caster is still in the air when the spell has ended, they will fall.
The caster becomes encased in the Cosmic Spores. They form a shell in the shape of a great Shrooman 15’ tall. While in this shell, the caster’s physical ability scores (STR, AGI, STA) are considered to be 16. If these scores are already a 16, then they remain unchanged. The shell has 60 HP, and lasts for 5 rounds, or until the HP are reduced to 0.
The Cosmic Spores form a dense shield that floats beside the a single target. This shield provides +3 to the target’s AC, and can be sundered against a single attack to negate the damage.
The Cosmic Spores form any shape the caster desires so long as it’s not larger than 100’ in any direction. This shape is physical, and be “interacted with”, such as a bridge to cross a pit of lava, or staircase to reach the top of a castle wall. The shape can be moved if the caster spends a single round concentrating. This shape lasts for 1 turn, but the caster can end the effect prematurely if they wish.
The Cosmic Spores form a shape that mimics the caster. It lasts until the end of the caster’s next round. It has the same AC and HP of the caster. It can “act” as a normal character, and does so on the caster’s turn. It may cast one of the caster’s spells (that has not been lost) on its round, and uses the caster’s spell check bonus to do so.

Mushroom of the Deep
Level 2 (Opisthok)
Range: 60’
Duration: varies
Casting time: 1 round
Save: Ref/Will.
A Mushroom of the Deep is given to the caster.
Roll 1d4: 1) The Mushroom appears in the target’s pocket. 2) The Mushroom sprouts from the earth at the target’s feet. 3) A golden box appears just above the target’s head. The target jumps (whether they want to or not) and hits the box with their head to release the mushroom. 4) The Mushroom floats slowly from above the target, cast in a soft white light. A faint angelic chorus can be heard in the background.
Lost, failure, and patron taint
Lost. Failure.
Failure, but spell is not lost
This Mushrooms can be brewed into a poison. This takes 1 hour, and consumes all of the Mushrooms. Enough poison is made to coat one melee weapon or 3 ammunitions (arrows, sling stones, etc).  A target struck by this poison falls into a comatose state, and over the course of the next 1d3 days mutates into a Shrooman.
If eaten, this Mushroom will cure any ailment, stabilize a dying character, or restore 2 HD worth of HP to the target. It can be harvested, and saved for later. “Shelf life” is 1 day/level of the caster.
The Mushroom can be thrown up to 60’. When it reaches its target, the Mushroom violently explodes, raining liquid hellfire on everything within 10’ of the explosion. If this is against an enemy, treat the spell check as the attack roll. The explosion causes 1d6 per caster level damage. A save is required to extinguish the flames, or the target suffers an additional 1d6 damage per round for a number of rounds equal to the caster’s level (a new save can be rolled each round). Flammable objects have a 75% chance of be consumed by the flames.
The mushroom emits a holographic bubble 10’ in width around them. This bubble is impassable, and lasts for a number of rounds equal to half the caster’s level (rounded up). The target can pass through the bubble, if they’d like however they cannot move the bubble. It remains wherever it was first summoned. If cast on someone who’s in melee, the caster chooses one of the combatants as the target.
i.e. If Hugh, the Warrior, is battling 2 Ethereal Filchers, and the caster chooses him as the target. Hugh could choose to leave the bubble, while the Filchers would remain “trapped”.
1d6 Mushrooms appear, and begin glowing. Slowly, over the course of 1 turn they glow to a brightness of a lantern. If left alone, the Mushrooms will glow indefinitely. If harvested, it will glow for 1d6+1 per caster level days.
This large Mushroom explodes with cosmic powder when ingested. This powder fills the caster’s lungs. They must spend their next action coughing up the powder. However, after the coughing fit, the caster’s mind is somehow sharpened, granting a +6 to their next spell check.
This normal looking Mushroom must be ground, and snorted to have any effect. If snorted, the character’s vision becomes blurry and time seems to move slowly. The affected character gains a bonus of 2d10+1 per level on a single action of their choice. This action must be taken in the next 5 minutes. When the bonus is spent, or the time expires the character “comes down”, and suffers a -4 to all rolls until they rest for 8 full hours. During the rest they experience lucid, colorful dreams of a Mushroom filled wonderland.
A tiny, wiry, white Mushroom is called fourth. This mushroom can be crushed, and brewed into a stew, this process takes an entire day to complete, which can be used to revive a dead character. The mushroom can be harvested, but only lasts one day before wilting away into ash. There stew only works on a single character, no matter how much is made. Character’s revived in this way gain the full tier of a single Patron Taint entry for Opisthok. When they awaken the recall vivid dreams of meeting Opisthok and hearing his request. The Judge should put this character to a special, and difficult task. Should they refuse, or fail in this task they will slowly wither and turn to ash over the course of 1d6 days.   

Fungal Warrior
Level 3 (Opisthok)
Range: Self
Duration: varies
Casting time: 1 round
Save: None
A mighty fungal warrior is summoned to assist the caster. Its stats can be found below in the Fungal Army of Opisthok section.
Opisthok is watching how you treat his prized warrior(s)
Roll 1d3: 1) The summoned Shrooman bursts from the ground, ready for action. 2) The summoned Shrooman steps from a portal that opens near the caster. 3) The Shrooman step from behind the caster, as if there the entire time waiting for their orders.
Lost, failure, and patron taint
Lost. Failure.
Failure but spell is not lost
The caster summons 1 normal Shrooman. It lasts 1d7+1 per caster level rounds before returning whence it came. The Shrooman rolls into the current initiative count, and acts on its own turn. It will follow the caster’s orders, so long as they’re not suicidal.   
The caster summons 1d3+1 normal Shrooman who act as a tactical unit. They last for 1d10+1 per caster level rounds. The unil rolls into the initiative count, but at a +0 (instead of the normal -5), and have maximum hit points. They will follow any order given, without hesitation.
The caster summons 1 Elite Shrooman. It lasts 1 turn before returning whence it came. The Elite Shrooman rolls into the current initiative count, and follows any orders given.
A group of 1d10+1 per caster level Tiny (6 inches tall) Shroomen are summoned. They roll into initiative and bravely follow any order given, though they only understand simple words. They last for 1 hour, and will laugh, cry, scream, and otherwise try to communicate to the caster (their language is unintelligible, however).
A Shrooman Disruptor is summoned, and lasts for 1d3 rounds. It acts on the caster’s round, and will follow any order given.
A Mushroom Guardian is summoned. It lasts for 1 turn, and acts on the caster’s round.
A small company of 1d3 normal Shrooman, 1 Elite Shrooman, and 1d6 Tiny Shroomen are summoned. They roll into the current initiative (using the Elite’s modifier) and act as a unit. They will follow any orders given. They last for 1 turn.
A Child of Opisthok is summoned. This powerful being lasts 1 hour, and serves the caster as if they were Opisthok himself. It acts on the caster’s turn.

Fungal Army of Opisthok

Init: -5, AC: 18
HD: 2d8+6, Act: 2d20
Atks: Slam +4 (4d4)
Special: Fungal Cloud
Fungal Cloud: Any creature within 10’ of the Shrooman suffers a -2 penalty to attacks, damage, and saves due to the cloud. In addition, a target within the cloud must make a DC 14 Fort save or be poisoned, temporarily losing 1d4 Agility and taking 1d4 damage. A new save is required each round.

Shrooman, Elite
Init: +3, AC: 18
HD: 4d8+6, Act: 2d20
Slam: +6 (4d6)
Special: Fungal Cloud (as Shrooman)

Shrooman, Tiny
Init: +0, AC: 14
HD: 1d8+1, Act: 2d20
Slam: +3 (2d4)
Special: Fungal Cloud (as above but only 10’)

Shrooman, Disruptor
Init: +1, AC: 16
HD: 2d8+2, Act: 1d20
Slam: +3 (4d4)
Special: Explosion
Explosion: If struck in melee, or when they charge into an enemy the Shrooman Disruptor will explode, dealing 3d10 damage to all within 15’. DC 15 Ref. Save for half damage.

Mushroom Guardian
Init: +2, AC: 16
HD: 3d8+3, Act: 2d20
Slam +4 (4d4)
Special: Shield
Shield: One of the Mushroom Guardian’s arms is a thick shield. It can be sundered to negate any damage to itself or an ally within 5’. The Shield will regrow in 1 day.
The Mushroom guardian will recovers HP as a normal character wood, and it’s treated as a 3rd level character for these purposes.

Child of Opisthok
Init: +5, AC: 20
HD: 6d8+10, Act: 2d20
Slam +6 (4d8)
Special: Fungal Cloud (as above but 40’)

This massive warrior is 12’ tall.