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DCC Shiz: Psionic Patron -- Opisthok, The Fungal Lord

Prince ruler of the Myconids, Shroomen, Sporekin, and to those that would devote themselves to his teachings. A half Myconid, half human born from the a long deceased Mushroom Chieftain and a powerful witch.
More Shrooman than human, he stands 9' tall. His thin body is covered in a mix of human, reptilian, feline, and insectoid eyes. 
Though his influence is not widely spread throughout the mortal realm, Opisthok has traveled the cosmos, made contact with many beings, has seen distant planets, the rise and fall of alien societies, and the devastation of entire civilizations. 
His followers travel the world seeking to unlock the sleeping powers of their dormant minds. 
As their power grows, so does Opisthok's. 
While Psions directly channel his teaching in the form of powers, Opisthok accepts all followers. He understands that one day someone, or thing, will challenge his power, and that he'll need soldiers to fight in his battles. He sees value in all, warriors and thieves for their skill, cleric's for their devotion, and even respects magic as a powerful force. All this to say anyone can take Opisthok on as their patron, not only Psions. 

Patron Taint
Roll 1d5 to determine which taint the character gains. If a category is rolled in which the character has achieved all levels, adjust the die (1d5, to 1d4, to 1d3, etc) as needed. 

If all levels of the taint are achieved the character is known as an Aspect of Opisthok. They gain an additional 1d8 power points, and Opisthok with teach them 1d3 new powers. 
These powers can be manifested, even if they're above the maximum power level, without penalty. 

1) The characters's skin becomes incredibly itchy. Itchy to the point where they can't stop scratching! 
2) A  layer of spores sprout on the character's skin. They constantly fly off as the character scratches falling into whatever food or drink they may be consuming, making social interactions awkward (to say the least!).
3) The layer of spores thickens. Once per day the character can spend a full round scratching their skin, spreading a thick cloud of spores in the air. This cloud fills a 10x10 space. All within this cloud take -2 to all rolls as spores fill their lungs, ears, eyes, and other orifices. 
4) As above, but the spores have grown toxic to all but the character, and other Shrooman. The cloud now fills a 20x20 space, and all within must make a DC14 Fortitude save or be poisoned! Poisoned creatures temporarily loose 1d4 agility, and take 1d4 points of damage. A new save is required each round the creature remains within the cloud.

1) The character smells heavily of mushrooms. Chefs, Halflings, and anything with a strong appetite will insist the character is concealing mushrooms on their person. 
2) The scent grows stronger. All creatures within 20' of the character must make a DC12 will save or be overcome with the urge to find the mushrooms, and eat them. Once they determine the character has no mushrooms the effect wears off, and they become disappointed, agitated, and possibly even hostile. 
3) The scent now leaves a visible trail. Any creature that can see the character must make a DC15 will save. Failure means they see the character as a giant, irresistible, perfectly cooked mushroom that they must consume. If more than one creature are overcome by this effect, they will fight to the death in order to eat the mushroom. 
A successful save means they think character smells kinda funny. 

1) The character's skin turns gray and thickens, making movement a little harder. Character permanently looses 1 point of agility. 
2) In addition to further thickening (and an additional -1 agility), the character's skin becomes slightly rubbery. The skin turns away a number of points of bludgeoning (clubs, maces, punches, etc) damage equal to their stamina modifier (minimal 1)
3) The character's skin grows even more dense and heavy, reducing the speed by 10'. The flesh is so thick it acts as a natural armor, increasing the characters AC by 3. 

1) The character's head doubles in size, and their hair falls out. 
2) The character's skull begins to painfully grow to resemble a mushroom cap. The transformation takes 1d6 days. During this time, the character suffers from intense migraines. As a result, they are in a rather unpleasant mood. In addition if they fail a psionics check they can no longer manifest powers for the remainder of the day, even if they have the power points to do so. 
3) In the final stage of this transformation the character's head fully changes to resemble the cap of a mushroom.

1) Roll 1d4
1) The character grows an extra eye in the middle of their forehead. It functions as a normal eye. Determine the type by rolling 1d4. 1) An eye matching their own. 2) A thickly ridged and scaled eye of an iguana. 3) The eye of a mighty lion. 4) The unblinking, giant compound eye of a monstrous mantis.
2) The character grows 1d100 tiny eyes that cover their entire body (yes, even those parts!). Determine the type by rolling 1d5. 1-4 are as above. If a 5 is rolled the character has a mix of all types.
3) The character grows an eye in the palm of their hand (50% Left, 50% Right). Determine the as the 1st entry. The character can no longer hold item comfortably in this hand. They take 1d3 points of damage each round and item is held. It otherwise functions as a normal eye.
4) A large eye grows from the back of the character's head. Determine the as the 1st entry. If the character isn't wearing a helm or their hair isn't in the way they can use the eye to see behind them. 

2) The eye(s) mutate, gaining supernatural powers. Roll 1d3 to determine the power gained. 
1) The extra eye(s) grants infravision 60'. If the character already has infravision, their current range doubles. 
2) 3/day the character can use their extra eye(s) to see through an object (wall, barrier, person, etc). The character can only see as far as their vision would allow. 
3) 1/day the character can fire a beam of energy that deals 1d10/character level damage to a single target within 60'.

These taints slowly turn the the character into a "Monster". They should be treated as such by society. People can be judgmental, and harsh. Shop/Inn keepers should jack up the prices, or refuse service all together. Guardsman should refuse entry into the settlement, molest or even attack the character
Even if the character assists the town in someway, the should be treated with a severe level of prejudice. 

I'm still debating on working in an invoke patron power for psionics. Unless I'm struck by an inspirational lightning bold, I don't plan on developing more psionic patrons. So, I don't see the need at this point in time. 
I've been working on the tables for the rest of the powers, and will be posting them in batches. 
I'll be creating a public google drive folder to store them in for all to enjoy. If that doesn't work out, I'll post the tables (like I did for Throw) on the blog itself. I could see this option quickly getting messy, and hard to keep track of. 
Let me know if you have a better suggestion. 
I plan to do regular posts in between power batches, more DCC and maybe some B/X shiz.  

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