Friday, December 30, 2016

Personal Shiz: New Years Resolutions

I resolve to
 - Run the Star Wars game I've been working on weekly
 - Run outside [goal weight 170lbs., 60 to lose]
 - More writing [perhaps publish???]
 - Learn to art [draw, paint, etc]
 - Read more MF books
 - Drink only water [so long, Whiskey. How I will miss you]
 - Stat the below monster [stats below, already knocked this one out!]


HD: 5, AC: 1 [18]
Atks: Phantom Blades +3 1d8, Beam +1 1d10
Move: 30'


Phantom Blades - If so desired, the Guardian may bypass armor [but not dexterity] bonuses when attacking. May attack twice/round if no move is made.

Beam - Can be fired once every 3 rounds. Range 100', can strike multiple opponents if they are in a line.

Size - Large, takes up a 10x10 space

Sturdy - Cannot be easily tipped over or tripped due to its 4 legs. [+4 vs attempts]

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