Thursday, January 26, 2017

DCC Shiz: The Illithid [Mind Flayer]

In my games they are going to be space traveling psionic psychopaths. Say that 3 times fast

Without further ado...behold, the Illithid.

Couldn't decide on a single picture. So you get three this time. 

HD: 6, AC: 16
Atks: Tentacles +4, Powers
Move: 30'


The Illithid makes an attack roll (no roll needed against unconscious opponents) to ensnare its prey.
Ensnared creatures cannot take a move action, but may attempt to break free [contested d20 rolls, or however you settle such matters at your table]. If they are unable to break free, the following round the Illithid cracks open their skull with its powerful beak and begins slurping out the target's brain.

Damage rolls at this point would be silly. The target is killed, slowly and painfully, but they are dead.
It takes a full round for the brain to be ingested, after which the Illithid is healed a number of points equal to the target's HD.

*Technically, what you usually see on Illithids aren't tentacles, but arms. However, face-arms sounds weird, so I'll be calling them tentacles. For all those Cephalopod anatomy elitists out there, sincerely, I apologize. 

Love the facial expressions on this one. 
The Illithid, at will, may manifest the below powers.

Disintegrates mundane objects (armor, weapons, books, clothing, etc).
Items must be seen by the Illithid to be affected.

Project Force
The Illithid forces an opponent back from a distance.
A single target within 100' is forcefully shoved back 20', taking 4d6 damage in the process.
DC15 will save to half damage, and distance.

Mind Blast
This power affects all living creatures within 30' of the Illitid.
Consult the below table to determine the effect

Target's Intelligence - Effect 
3-9 - Target(s) slum to the ground, unconscious for an entire day. No save permitted.
10-12 -  Targets(s) temporarily loose 2d6 intelligence, and fall unconscious for 1d6 turns. No save permitted.
13-17 - Target(s) temporarily loose 1d6 intelligence, and are stunned for 1d6 rounds. DC18 will save to resist.
18+ - Target(s) temporarily loose 1d3 intelligence, and are dazed for 1 round. DC16 will save to resist.

Brain Party!

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